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Reviews for Willow Avenue Express Laundry Center in Cookeville, TN

Read what people have to say about Willow Avenue Express Laundry Center.

RVing for the last 5 months, this is by far the Best laundry mat I have come across. State of the art machines. The business is immaculate, all the machines work. Clean restrooms. Plenty of area to fold clothing and the dryers work quickly. There are also TV sets and strong wi-fi.
-Abby S.
Very Clean facility, with state of the art Machines. They have three different size washers and two different size dryers. Pleasant atmosphere with excellent air conditioning, free wifi, TVs, and friendly helpful staff. But perhaps the best feature is no need to carry around bags of quarters or seek change. The machines take a hotel-type rechargeable key card, which you feed money onto via a credit or debit card! I Love This! They also offer wash & fold service for ultimate laundry convenience & Luxury....
-Sam B. I have never reviewed a laundrymat on Yelp...but the truth is when you travel is not always convenient to do laundry at the hotel. So, to yelp I went to find a place close to wash a couple of loads. Since it worked out well, I decided I should give them a good review too.

My opinion of laundry mats in general is, dirty, rip-off place I don't want to be. This place was thankfully quite the opposite. New machines, free wifi, flat screen tvs, very clean. They offer a wash n fold service for drop off to be done onsite, dry cleaning to be sent out for one day service, as well as a large number of machines to do your own laundry.

The machines only take cards, so no need to bring cash for quarters. They are staffed, so they are constantly cleaning the machines, the floors the bathrooms, etc.

They are close to the university, so there were several students on laptops utilizing the free wifi, a couple of single guys watching a game on one of the flat screen tv's, a couple of families doing the weekly laundry, and a retired couple on vacation in a mountain cabin, doing laundry before continuing their road trip.

The commercial large capacity washers are extracting washers, so the clothes come out ready for a quick dry...Everything was dry on med heat in 14 minutes.

So, we spent less than an hour, and it was clean, w helpful staff, free wifi, and no shady characters hanging around. So, if you are in the area looking for a place to do laundry, this is a good option.
-Sabrina B.
Very clean, staff is friendly and helpful, plenty of machines available. Card system is more convenient than quarters. Also TV to watch, snacks and drinks, and free Wi-Fi. Happy customer!
-Elizabeth H.
The staff was fairly nice considering I haven't used a laundry mat in 10 years. The guy helped me load money on my card using my credit card. Using the power load on my first trip to wash all my clothes at once. Fascinating to watch!
-Walter H.
This place is clean with great customer service. This is the best place in Cookeville to go to do laundry. It is cheap (for a laundry mat) and really convenient. No change, they use cards for their machines plus you get a ten percent discount if you have a Tennessee Technological University ID
-Casey E.
Equipment is really good at cleaning clothes and prices seem fair. Employees are especially helpful and free Wi-Fi is nice. My only complaint is that there were a lot of flies around and that knocked a star off this review. Would recommend and will return.
-Jacob L.
I just moved into my apartment and was looking for a laundromat, so I took a suggestion from a friend and went here. The washing and drying machines all operated off of cards which you can get when you go in. You just use either cash or credit card to put a balance on your washing card, and then you are ready to start. Also if you are a Tennessee Tech student, you can get a 10% discount here.

There were several different size machines there. The washers that I used cost $2.67 per load, and they were what I would say average size. They also had some larger ones that cost a bit more if you have a large load. The dryers all appeared to be the same price no matter the size ($0.30 per 6 minutes). There was also a vending machine to dispense cleaning supplies should you need those.

The facility was very clean and the atmosphere was pretty nice. The staff seemed to keep to themselves unless you talked to them first, but the attendant that I spoke with was very nice and helpful when I talked to her.

Overall this place is great and I highly recommend it if you don't like to save up quarters for laundry.
-Andrew M.
Me gusta mucho porque se lava y se seca al 100%la ropa
-Johann R.